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" The Ristorante Bellavista is one of Lorenzo's other restaurants, just two doors down from La Pergola where Domingos is in charge and the tone is distinctly up-market. Enter and you are in the 'pit', the lower part of the premises. It is all rather theatrical, and one half hoped the demon king might leap through a trap door at any moment. Above the loos and behind the pit is the 'balcony', cosy, small and comfortable with those corner benches for threes and fours. Then there is another room right at the back that is used as an overflow and function room, holding a further 30. The menu is classic Italian with no fussy adornment; fresh produce beautifully cooked and generous portions.

Long past 10pm people kept coming in. The pit and balcony were full. Sitting room only now in the 'Gods' right at the back. People of all types: suburbanites, young to middle aged, very cosmopolitan, who gave me the distinct impression they knew their food and wine."

Brian O'Hanlon, Restaurants Review.

You can call Domingos on 020 7373 0200 for more information or to reserve your table. If you're planning a special celebration or office party, call as soon as possible.
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