La Pergola

"La Pergola is fun! It caters for reality, for what the majority of its clientele require based on years of experience. It can be loud but personable, throbbing with an owner-generated vitality from the moment you enter the front door. Sometimes there is music, a belly dancer, a singer; sometimes not.
What any review can never impart adequately is the sense of occasion at patrone-led-institutions such as La Pergola. It's a popular place with tourists all year round, but seats 400 on three levels, so can always find plenty of space for your private twosome or table for four."

Brian O'Hanlon, Nightspots Review

You can call Lorenzo on 020 7373 2883 for more information or to make a table reservation. If you're planning a special celebration or office party, call Lorenzo as soon as possible.
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